ITBP Sixth Batch Leaves for UN Mission In Congo
The sixth batch of Indo Tibetan Border Police (TBP) contingent with 125 members selected for United Nation Congo mission was briefed by R.K. Bhatia, DG, ITBP last month at UN Civpol School, in ITBP Tigri camp, New Delhi.

The sixth batch commanded by Vishal Anand, commandant, will be deployed in Democratic Republic of Congo for a year and will release the fifth batch already there after induction. The Fifth batch commanded by Angad Prasad Yadav, commandant, was expected to return to India by end of August. It had been deployed in Congo since 07 August 2010.

The sixth batch was inducted in two phases. A 15-member advance party was inducted early August and the main party consisting 110 members was inducted on 29 August. Two doctors, Dr A.K. Mukhopadhaya, CMO (SG) and Dr R.K. Kotnala, CMO (SG) are expected to accompany the sixth batch.

The current contingent comprises of highly experienced commandos drawn from different units of the force. They have experience of carrying out a variety of operations in difficult high altitude, mountainous terrain. These commandos have experience in counter insurgency operations, VIP protection, election duties, banking security, security of important installation etc. All personnel have been specially trained for this UN deployment at UN CivPol School run by ITBP.
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