Indian Army conducts a military training exercise in Rajasthan
Ex Shahbaaz Ajay

'Shahbaaz Ajay' exercise of the 36 Reorganised Army Plains Division (RAPID) culminated in the Western Deserts of Rajasthan on 20 December 2013. 36 RAPID, a cutting edge formation of the Bhopal-based Strike Corps validated new concepts and refined existing battle procedures as prevalent in the 21st century battlefield milieu. Fifteen thousand troops of the Division participated in the exercise which included more than 100 Armoured class vehicles among the other advanced artillery and air defence equipment. A high degree of integration was achieved with the IAF while undertaking specialised operations which included an air borne assault and a special helicopter borne operation.

Lt Gen. Amit Sharma, Strike Corps Commander, reviewed the tactical drills and manoeuvres of the Division as per theatre plans. The culmination phase of Exercise Shahbaaz Ajay was witnessed by Lt Gen. Ashok Singh, General Officer Commanding-in-Chief (Army Commander) Southern Command who complimented the troops for achieving a high degree of operational efficiency in executing the stated mission.

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