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 CISF may secure Indian merchant ships against the Somali pirates
 DG CISF Rajiv

New Delhi: The Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) celebrated its 43rd anniversary on 10 March 2012. Speaking to the media on the annual press conference that was held on 05 March at the CISF headquarters, Directorate General Rajiv has boasted of its new responsibilities that were given to the force.

The CISF is being considered to assist the Indian Merchant vessels and give them security against the Somali pirates off the Indian coasts. “The government is desirous of giving the responsibility to us. However, no decision has been taken and the nitty-gritty are being deliberated at the present”, DG Rajiv told. “Once we are entrusted with the new responsibility, we will be able to train our personnel with the Indian Navy to acclimatise them for long-haul travelling on sea and we will have to see how they will operate” he added.

The prime focus, however, was on the host of modern equipment that the force uses for its operations at various airports and the private installations. CISF is considering the possibility of adding shoe scanners and liquid scanners to the existing search and screening equipment at the sensitive airports. “The project is currently pending with the Ministry of Civil Aviation but we would like to have it at all the sensitive airports”, Arun Choudhary, special directorate general of CISF said.
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