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  By Radhavinod Raju (late)
Downward Spiral (June 2012)
Chicago Conference once again puts focus on Pakistan for Afghanistan resolution
All Saeed and Done (May 2012)
Bounty of USD 10 million on Hafiz Sayeed has implications
Wait’s Got Longer (April 2012)
By not taking any action on interlocutors’ report, government betrays its insincerity
Judges Rule (March 2012)
Pakistan Supreme Court’s activism unnerves both the government and the army
Too Little Too Late (February 2012)
A cautious government has watered down the NCTC concept
Trump Card (January 2012)
Pakistan wants new rules of engagement with the Americans in the war on terror
Fighting Together (December 2011)
India-US have several areas of cooperation against terrorism
Double Deal (November 2011)
Can India and Pakistan work together in Afghanistan?
In Circles (October 2011)
The Afghanistan drama, different actors and India
Anna’s Axe (September 2011)
Corruption begets Corruption
Chinks in the Armour (August 2011)
India remains vulnerable to Jihadi brand of terror
Curtain Call (July 2011)
Damocles’ sword hangs over the fate of Afghanistan
Obama’s Operation (June 2011)
A calculated risk finally pays off
Double Deal (May 2011)
There is a need of an investigative process to arrest the fake currency trail



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